Digital Manufacturing Technologist

Vasan Churchill

I’m a senior technologist who tinkers with both digital and physical tools to create value for industry. I am currently learning data science and ML techniques to solve interesting additive manufacturing problems.Looking forward to work with enthusiastic individuals in the areas of machine learning, data science, additive/digital manufacturing and industry 4.0.


Scripting – Python, Bash & SQL

Standard Data Science Stack – (Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-learn, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Jupyter-Notebook)

GIS Library – (Shapely, GeoPandas)

Graph Theory – NetworkX

Computational Geometry – Scikit-Geometry

Version Control – Git

CAD Design Software – Fusion 360


PhD. Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware, USA
(Aug 2006 – Feb 2011)
Dissertation: Composites Manufacturing, Simulations and Nanocomposites

M.Tech. Production Technology, IIT Delhi, New Delhi, India
(Jul 2004 – Jun 2006)
Thesis: CAD/CAM and Nanocomposites

B.E. Mechanical Engineering, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India
(Sep 2000 – May 2004)
Project:High temperature pressure sensor

Work Experience

Senior Scientist, RISE, SWEDEN (Aug 2013 – PRESENT)

  • Software Development for Robotic Additive Manufacturing
  • Slicer software algorithms using computational geometry and robotic path planning using graph theory to reduce build time
  • Finite Element Analysis productivity improvement by automating mesh generation for complex geometries using python
  • Raised 4 MSEK funds for innovative ideas via writing proposals and collaborating with industries
  • Digitalization of composites manufacturing
  • 3D printing of batteries

Data Scientist, GOPHR, UK (Mar 2020 – Apr 2020)

  • In partnership with the Science to Data Science (S2DS) programme, I worked in a team of 4 data scientists for 5 weeks to consult Gophr, a same day courier mediation platform 
  • Development of a ML solution to improve the courier job acceptance rate along with the team
  • Provided valuable insights from their delivery data (200,000) using Data Visualization libraries (GeoPandas, Shapely)
  • Agile prototyping and implementation of ML pipeline using Python and my SQL
  • Created business value by identifying key deployment areas for our ML solutions

Research Scientist, GE Global Research, India (Feb 2011 – Jul 2013)

  • Performed structural analysis of alternate wind blade configurations to prove the feasibility, resulting in 2 patents
  • Generated scripts from MATLAB program to evaluate and identify the parameters (geometric and material) affecting the wind blade structure resulting in 20% weight and cost reduction
  • Developed experimental verification of simulation methodologies for flow & cure modeling of wind blades and reduced the defect rate by 70%

Energy Analyst, USA (Jan 2007 – Aug 2010)

  • Prepared extensive energy audit reports to summarize the energy consumption patterns, available savings opportunities, payback periods and government incentives
  • Helped industries save $600,000 and reduce 7 million pounds of C02 emissions by giving recommendations, which are easier to implement


  • Data Scientist Path – Dataquest – Aug 2020
    • Python programming, data cleaning, analysis and visualization by working on University of California, Irvine (UCI) datasets
    • Full machine learning workflow – Data Cleaning, Feature Engineering, Model selection and Tuning on UCI/Kaggle datasets
  • Additive Manufacturing – MIT Professional – Aug 2018
    • Principles of AM and state of the art technologies from MIT Professional Education
    • Latest AM software techniques – Generative Design and Topology Optimization
  • Various EdX and Coursera courses in Python and Machine Learning

Awards and Honors

  • Innovation Support – RISE – defending IP filing for batteries
  • Imagination & Courage award was given twice in GE for implementing innovative ideas in key projects and overcoming the technical limitations
  • Ministry of Human Resource Development– India scholarship for securing top 2 percentile in All India Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
  • 2010 Progress award from Center for Composite materials for quality in research


  • Swedish (Intermediate), French (Intermediate), Hindi (Professional) and Tamil (Native)

Personal Interests

  • Long distance running
  • Maker community
  • Photography

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