I am Vasan, a deeptech entrepreneur in the area of robotic addditive manufacturing. Over the past decade and a half I had a chance to work in manufacturing, materials and energy tech domain – Additive manufacturing/3D printing, Composite materials, Nanotech, Batteries, Wind and Energy analysis. Being a digital manufacturing enthusiast, I did work in allied areas like Internet of Things (IoT), generative design and machine learning.

For the past 3 years, I am running a startup called ADAXIS along with my cofounders. As a co-founder and Director of Business Development – APAC and Middle East, I lead the business development in this region.

I love to discuss with people about business, strategy and venture capital. I would like to be a part of the startup ecosystem in India and eager to connect with Entrepreneurs and VC. In this blog, I write about my experiences in deep tech, business, start ups, venture capital and other things that interest me.

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