A slight detour. I saw some delta printers at my work and online. I love the way they move, Oh man what a beautiful sight! After gaining some confidence with building a kit printer, I thought why not build a delta from scratch, i.e. design the frame, custom print your parts (put Prusa i3 to use) or remix from Thingiverse, source various parts of the printer according to your design, assemble them and give a unique character.

This project sounded challenging and exciting. I was sure that this project will have more frustrations along the way but hey that’s part of the fun!

The basic difference between these printers is how the axes move. Have a look at this video.


Image source:

In short, yes I fell in love with delta and how they move. I will build this delta using my Prusa printer. In subsequent posts, I will describe my design rationale and build experience. Hopefully, after this build, I will not fall in love with any other printer mechanism.

Featured Image Source:

Delta General

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